Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mixing patterns and color blocking

One of my favorite things about this seasons trend is color blocking, and the ability to mix patterns!
The concept is so fun and it really allows you to dig deep into your closet and throw a super cute and FUN outfit together!
I love to draw inspiration from my favorite eras and ideas from fashion icons of their time!
This week I'm back home visiting east Tennessee and not only are the views breathtaking but weather is spectacular!
So my outfit of the day is exactly this:
A cute pair of high waisted pleated front shorts that are color blocked a light blue and ivory. Then I paired it with a tight tank (bright coral-pink) tucked in and to tie the look together I added a snake skin belt. Love.
Of course i added a pair of sweet little juicy couture earrings, my favorite watch and a cute owl necklace(my vintage find)
Throw on my cork and beige wedges and I'm ready!
oh and I changed my color color from brunette to blonde.
The color bug got me good- I am in love with my color for this summer


  1. Hey Jessica! I really love this outfit, it's so cute! Where did you find those shorts? They are amazing! Great blog and I look forward to seeing what else you have in store:)

    XO Kelley

  2. Aww hey kelley!
    Thanks for checking it out!
    Well I found the shorts in a little boutique shop in Michigan. I'll check the tag and see maybe who they are made by and let you know!