Friday, April 27, 2012

Travel Savy

I think it may just be me, but when I travel I like to think I'm packing efficiently. The worssssttt is sweating, lugging a huge bag through the airport and all of your stuff is bulging out the sides, dropping shoes you managed to stuff in pockets (thanks to the zuca I no longer have that issue!)
Now packing.,. I hate to over pack, but i like to make sure I give myself some options and throw a couple extras in there. For me, make-up and beauty products are the hardest to choose from(when I post some storage collection photos of my make up you will totally understand)
A couple years ago I found out about Zuca. Between that and my lulu lemon purse, im good to go!
This bag has revolutionized the way I travel so much to the point that I bought the backpack and I even have a separate one I keep my freelance make up kit in
. This bag has stackable compartment and it opens like a locker and then you have almost like dresser drawers.
The bags come in mesh(clothes and shoes) and plastic( I keep my make up and shower gel, perfume lotion ect)
If you have a spill, simply get a wet wipe and clean up is easy.
---what make-up do I take??!
Here are some pictures
basically everyday products( and your talking to a make-up junkie here, so for me this is basics)
-I take the urban decay naked palette almost every travel trip. The packaging makes it less likely the crack and destroy all of your shadow leaving your crying over them for days.
-Next a paint pot from MAC usually painterly
And maybe a quad of shadows if I'm feelin frisky.
-Basic black pencil liner ( for me its "black black chromographic pencil"
-Lash primer, mascara and a lash curler
-lotion to keep my skin hydrated and either a beauty balm or MAC fortified skin enhancer (serves as a primer to keep foundation lasting and a 35SPF!
-this trip I'm using MAC mineralize
Satinfinish liquid foundation (very sheer light weight, quick and easy applied with like duo fibre brush I.e
-MAC #187
-followed by a lightweight concealer this trip it's MAC mineralize concealer
-If I use powder i grab a transparent setting power
Next, snookie's favorite beauty product, BRONZER!
-I'm obsessed with nars laguna or maybe refined golden by MAC
-then of course Blush. I can't live without it... I think I packed springsheen by.. You guessed it. MAC.
-newest product I have been using us Nars copacabana illuminator -- talk about GORGEOUS! Holy Cow people stop and want to know what's on my skin when I use this!
-most importantly Brows, I have a shadow and an angled brush and Mac lingering brow pencil
***beauty tip:
Brows are so important an often neglected. Simply filling your brow in, (not like the old lady penciled in eyebrows) but lightly filled in can make the biggest difference!
Try it! Brows frame your entire face, not just your eyes.
- and lastly the Lippie : )
This trip I packed MAC etcetera prolong wear liner cause I hate touching up, followed by Angel and Nars Turkish delight lip gloss
Then I carry my handy little brush roll and it protects all my brushes.
Hope you have fun on your next adventure : ) pack "efficiently"
Miss travel savvy